Your safety and health is our #1 priority at Kidwings. We will be washing hands frequently and enforcing our already established “hands to yourself” rule as well as our “no sharing food” rule.

We will keep up to date with the current recommendations and navigate the situation with the utmost mindfulness.
In addition, we will be:

Reminding kids to cough into their arms

Requiring children to wash their hands with soap and water before snack and lunch

Sanitizing group materials after each class, and handling of these materials limited to instructors, only.

We will be outside the entire day

Creating a bubble of personal space during gathering times and free play

Not allowing instructors who are exhibiting symptoms to teach.

If you or your child are experiencing any symptoms of illness, stay home, and do not attend class.

It is well known that nature has a positive effect on the human immune system. Being outdoors is also known to decrease stress and encourage positive states of mind. While children appear to have an extremely low risk for COVID-19, we know they are still very sensitive beings that absorb the stresses and fear of adults around them. We are reopening so we can provide a safe emotional and physical environment for the children of this community.

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