I’m the chess coach at KidWings Nature School.

Hello I’m coach Michael, I’m the chess coach at KidWings Nature School.

I have a Bachelor of Science with a double major in Molecular Biology and; Microbiology.

Why do you enjoy working with children and why in nature? I enjoy working with kids because it makes me feel like I’m helping make a better tomorrow. Getting to be a positive influence on children makes it all worth it. Chess is a game that doesn’t require electricity. All you need is a board and some pieces. Chess in nature is something that goes perfect together. I’ve learned to love nature even more thanks to my wife who is also a biologist. She was the one who showed me how great they go together.

Nature provides the perfect atmosphere for a great learning experience in chess. Personal experience working with chess and children:

Coach Michael has over 10 years of experience teaching and coaching chess from preschool to a university level. He specializes in teaching chess with children .Represented and played for different universities as a Coach and Player.

He has participated in several national and international chess tournaments as a:

  • Player
  • Coach
  • Referee
  • Organizer