Ursula Serrano

For me nature is the best method to connect with myself…

Hello everyone, my name is Ursula Serrano, mother of two wonderful kids who have led me on the path of continuous learning of alternative teaching methods. For me nature is the best method to connect with myself, I love seeing the development children have with nature as it represents a constant stimulation in their curiosity. I was very at a very lucky at a young age to have constant interaction with nature, I grew up in Mexico and because of my father’s work we spent a lot of time on the beach. Today, as an adult, I realize how gratifying it was to have been able to grow up like this, all the senses stimulations developed by my contact with nature has brought me many benefits. I really enjoy working for Kidwings, this opportunity is very gratifying for me, I love constantly learning about the development of children, and now being part of this team I can implement my knowledge and above all plant in them the seeds of creativity, independence and confidence.

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