About KidWings

KidWings Born Of A Dream Of Life....

Of a mother

Of her love for her daughter

Of the need to protect the souls of children and defend their freedom

Of love for nature, green, water and the smell of wet earth

Of passion to heal the world of conformity and disconnection

Of wanting to hug a tree and breathe with him

Of the need to listen to silence and to learn from the wisdom of nature gather pure souls and contribute to the necessary change in education

About The Founder

Hello, I'm Sandra Brigman, a single mom to a lively 9-year-old girl and the driving force behind KidWings Nature Holistic School. As the Founder, Director, and Creative Facilitator of KidWings, I'm deeply committed to redefining education. I firmly believe in fostering an environment where children are empowered to explore, learn, and play freely, underpinned by trust and respect. My passion lies in advocating for a more child-centric approach, liberating them from the burdens of excessive academic demands and indoctrination.

I am actively involved in giving talks on how to help parents "deschool" their minds, enabling them to connect with their child's genuine needs instead of imposing excessive academic pressure, ultimately reestablishing a connection with life's true values. My mission also includes promoting the cultivation of curiosity, unstructured play, and conscious parenting. I'm an enthusiastic participant in the movement to reintroduce nature to children and am deeply passionate about these causes.

My journey as a mother, Emotional Coach, Energy Healer, and Child Development/Waldorf Educator has led me to recognize the authentic needs of both children and adults. I've come to understand that these profound longings often find their roots in childhood. This realization drove me to create a program that addresses these needs, drawing on my involvement in the Conscious Parenting Movement and various courses that enriched my knowledge and toolbox for empowering children.

My global travels have blessed me with a broader perspective on human nature and education. I've had the privilege of exploring diverse education systems and approaches. These experiences, coupled with my time spent at Forest Schools, have crystallized my vision. I've ceaselessly researched and studied ways to integrate their methodology into KidWings, harmonizing my Waldorf Education background, holistic healing expertise, and a fervent desire to reconnect children with nature. The result is what we now proudly call KidWings.

Why in Nature?

  • Because nature supports movement and expression.

  • Because nature stimulates imagination and creativity.

  • Because nature is not invasive or over stimulating.

  • Because nature reduces anxiety and stress.

  • Because nature is healthy.

  • Because nature favors concentration.

  • Because nature increases self-esteem.

  • Because nature increases the ability to adapt.

  • Because nature promotes optimal development at all levels of the child.

In the woods, between pines and oaks, in the mud and baskets, under the pine cones and branches, there are secrets. Children want to discover those secrets, and grow emotionally through these experiences. Nature is the ideal learning environment -every day we discover and learn through free play, nature is an endless source of stimuli, experiences, and fluid activities such as Yoga, breathing, playing, dancing, music, storytelling. We look at children with everything they bring, without judgments or expectations, listening to their needs and teaching them self-regulation through emotional companionship, boundaries and bonding.

This natural environment is ideal for free play, because it is a wide and diverse space that offers a multitude of varied stimuli and neutral materials. The possibilities of interpreting this world creatively are endless.

The open spaces allow children and young people to move and develop play scenarios with great flexibility. Due to the extent of the play field, they can satisfy their need for movement freely. Landscape diversity encourages physical ability and stimulates the mind

In open spaces noise is not trapped as in enclosed spaces, so it created a calmer context where children and youth tune into this tranquility and therefore are much more receptive. The abundance of natural materials and space helps maintain harmony and collaboration, creating a healthy and enjoyable play culture.


The model of the schools in the forest generates significant benefits at the personal, social and emotional levels, including the increase of self-esteem and self-confidence.

Most studies on forest schools reach the same conclusions:

  • Activities that are based mainly on the interest and curiosity of the children, deepen the experiential learning with positive benefits on long-term memory.

  • The confidence that is developed in each kid, between the peer group and the educators, gives space to children to overcome their limitations and strengthen their self-esteem.

  • Giving them time to investigate situations around them allows children to value the risks themselves and helps them decide when they are prepared to face them, encouraging children to trust themselves and be responsible for their environment.

  • Exploring the environment, physical effort, walking, climbing, running, etc., increases stamina (physical resistance). Children never complain about bad weather, it does not stop them from engaging in outdoor activity.

  • Creative thinking is the basis of creative writing. The feeling of freedom, fascination and desire to know about the forest encourages even the smallest of children to create and retell the most extraordinary stories.

  • Children with the most complex and most demanding needs find in nature the most optimal environment to manage their personal challenges successfully.

  • Daily activity in nature helps strengthen the immune system, decreasing the occurrence of allergies and asthma.

  • Nature play lowers blood pressure and helps blood circulation. Daily activity in nature helps maintain an appropriate muscle strength and tone.