My First Moon

Summer Camp

Embracing My Female Cycles

~for girls ages 8 to 13~

“At her first bleeding a woman meets her power. During her bleeding years she practices it. At menopause she becomes it."

-Traditional Native American saying

Summer Camp for Young Girls

August 12, 2024 to August 16, 2024

M-Th 9:30am to 2:30pm

F Ceremony 2:45pm to 8:30pm

Central San Diego

Our intention for this Summer Camp is to help bring these girls into connection with their innate wisdom as women.  We aim to sow seeds of awareness in these future generations, where they are in tune with their cycles, carry reverence and respect for their own capacities, and can understand and interpret the signs and stories of their bodies, minds and spirits. Accompanying girls from a very early age through this journey is an important and necessary task to provide them with tools that allow them to go through each vital moment, each cycle and experience in a healthy, conscious and harmonious way, both with themselves, with their environment and with the natural world.

Girls Will Learn From An Early Age To:

Connect with their body

in a positive way

Connect with their cycles

and their female energy

Accept and embrace who they are

Engage in meaningful practices of self care

Our dream is that we as women live in honor of our shared female lineage. That we see and embody the beauty, strength and power that is in our nature. We hold the clear vision for these future generations to embark on their cyclical journeys free from shame, fear and trauma, while building trusted sisterhood. Our hope for these girls is that they understand what it means to be a woman, accept their ever-changing nature, and stand steady in the expression of their own unique femininity.

Summer Camp Activities

The girls will learn:

  • To embrace their bodies and their cycles as evidence of their own self-love.

  • To understand their menstruation in connection with the vital cycles of nature.

  • The many archetypes and limitless expressions of the Feminine.

  • To cherish their ever-changing bodies and learn their own body language,

  • To see their cycles as a normal, natural and necessary.

“When we listen to the wisdom that can arise from paying attention to our intuition and our bodies' cyclical needs, we are guided to live our lives differently. Menstruation can lead us back to our innate body wisdom. We can reclaim the knowledge of how to truly nourish and care for ourselves during a very important aspect of being female. Imagine a world where rejuvenation, healing and spiritual connection are the experiences associated with menstruation.”

-Kami McBride

Summer Camp General Description

Day 1

Mind, Body, and Heart

We will begin our journey together by introducing the girls to the power of gathering in circle as girls/women. We will create a shared alter for the week and set the container for a compassionate, safe, and fun exploration into the power of our bodies, minds and hearts. We will get in touch with our intuition, be able to bring presence to our physical form and learn to move with and be inspired by the energies that reside within.

Lineage and Sisterhood

We will explore the power and story of our womb/uterus and the special powers that come with the activation of women’s rites. We will engage in sacred crafting projects to stimulate creativity and help integrate the content into the girls’ experience while honoring the importance of lineage and sisterhood. We will bring a sense of reverence, curiosity and respect to the power of movement, intuition, and feeling.

Day 2

Earth, Moon, And Women Cycles.

The girls will gain insights into their cyclical nature and how our cycles emulate those of the Sun, the Moon and the Earth. Through games and art the girls will come to understand the varied expressions within themselves and how they may pertain to the phases of their menstrual cycle, while seeing themselves reflected in Nature.

Feminine and Masculine Energies

We will touch on the masculine and feminine energies within all beings and celebrate the many expressions and purposes these energies serve in our lives. We honor our womanhood and celebrate the beauty of our female biology while acknowledging there are infinite wonderful ways to be a woman, and each has her unique blueprint.

Day 3

Female Anatomy And Puberty

The miracles within female anatomy are amazing. We will go over the anatomy of our female bodies, talk about their ever-changing nature, what to expect during puberty, and how to navigate the path of the bleeding woman. We will talk about sustainable and alternative methods to use during their menses, and through hands on activities we will explore together the reality of having a period. Together we will prepare a Moon Box to keep her Moon-Time items.

Cycles And Female Archetypes

The girls will not only begin to know about their menstrual cycle but they will also be introduced the the cycles over the course of their life. We will share about the Archetypes that correspond to the phases of our monthly rhythms as well as to the phases of a woman’s life. We will embrace Change as a part of our nature.

Day 4

Self Acceptance

Being a modern girl and woman has its many challenges, and we hope to get into the heads and hearts of these girls just how magnificent they truly are. We are here to right or re-right the messages and tone of their inner voice to be that of self love and deep acceptance. We celebrate and recognize the varied bodies, styles, passions, ideas, and abilities in this world and encourage a positive esteem and deep reverence for who they are and who they came here to be.

Self Care

Caring for ourselves is not a chore but a privilege and can be so much fun. We are dedicated to working with the elements of the Earth as we teach the girls practices and tools for self care. We will be making herbal medicines, engaging ancient movement modalities, as well as sharing life-style choices that lead to a beautiful, well -nourished and balanced life. We will also talk briefly about walking through the world, physical and virtual, with safety, awareness, self-respect and boundaries.

Day 5

Connection, Appreciation, And Closure

Evening Ritual:

Mother-Daughter Ceremony

On the final day, We ask the Mothers to join our circle for our closing ceremony. This space is to create a unity between mother and daughter in which they can strengthen and deepen their connection. This sacred space is a container from which to carry your relationship through its many changes and challenges. It will provide a touchtone for conscious, loving connection as these girls continue their maturation on their way to being an embodied woman. 

It is important that each mother, or closest female care-giver, attends the circle since no girl will be able to participate in this space if the mother does not come with her.

“The relationship between mother and daughter is the foundation of every woman’s health. It matters more biologically, emotionally and psychologically than any other personal relationship in a woman’s life”
- Christiane Northrup

"Thank you for such an amazing experience I had not even visualized in dreams! What a gift from the universe to experience my daughter’s heartbeat again like she was in my womb…speechless (that is how I felt). As Sandra said, the mom and daughter gathering was very special and will be in my heart for the rest of my life." Kati

"Sandra. Thank you from the bottom of my heart . This was such a special camp/experience ❤🌹🤍" Nazdira

"l feel honored and thankful for having this opportunity, especially with Sandra ❤ she is amazing and there are no words!! All the effort we put into this week was worth it. Also to meet such a wonderful group of moms and girls. What we shared today was beautiful l really hope we keep in touch!

"Thanks to everyone that participated in this unforgettable experience and made this possible💕 Feeling blessed to have had the opportunity to meet all of you and looking forward to making more memories with you 🫶🏻" Ale

"Thank you Sandra for such an amazing evening and entire week for the girls ❤. And thank you to all the moms and daughters and grandmothers who made me feel so supported and loved last night. Last night has been with me all day today." Molly