What Happens If Rains?

As a German proverb says, “there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes”. Playing outside despite bad weather is compatible as long as the clothes are appropriate. In any case, in order to ensure the health of everyone, in the case of heavy rainstorms or hurricane winds, we prefer to stay in the refuge and play quietly.

The kids do not notice the cold and the humidity if they are well sheltered Anyway, when it is very cold we keep them in constant movement with physical games. We have observed that the children are accustomed to the cold better than the adults and develop more mental resistance to the low temperatures.

Right clothes are required (water boots, pants, and waterproof jacket). Anyway, a complete change of clothing is always necessary and when the kids play with so much passion that ends up soaking, we change from head to toe.

In rare cases of extreme weather (lightning storms, severe wind, and rain, etc.) class will be canceled and credit issued.

How Do You Guarantee The Security Of The Group?

Health and safety are important issues and this is commonly remembered between adults and children. The school establishes a few limits but very clear (never lose sight of one of the educators, do not leave the streets without warning …).

We start from trust and firmness and this generates security, tranquility and sense of responsibility for children. Educators previously evaluate each new site that children discover, based on the health and safety criteria. We also encourage small children to take on challenges and risks that are appropriate to their possibilities (climbing a tree, jumping, loading logs and branches, etc.), as a way of learning and developing the capabilities to cope with the difficulties of the day to day. The little ones learn to value for themselves what they can do, where they have limits and fears, what they want to overcome, what is safe or not, etc.

Educators always carry with them a first aid kit and a mobile phone.

What About Bathroom Visits?

We encourage families to bring their children to the bathroom before leaving home. The children always wash their hands with soap and water before and after eating. We have access to public restrooms. For smaller kids we have a portable sanitation. For children with diaper, we accompany their natural process of control of sphincters, without pressure or judgment and if they ever get wet, we change clothes without problems.

What Should My Child Bring?

Please prepare your child daily with a backpack, including:

Extra set of clothes: shirt, pants, socks, underwear, shoes and sun hat

Healthy, high energy snack

Brown bag lunch

Water bottle

Mineral based sunscreen

Children should arrive with a full stomach, having already visited the bathroom.

What About Academics?

Kidwings is for anyone, who has faith in the process. Current research suggests that introducing academic instruction to children before they are ready actually slows down learning. This does not mean that we won’t make connections, practice storytelling, use natural elements to engineer forts and swings, learn scientific names, track animals, count, and make art. Sorting leaves by color or making patterns with them is a pre-math skill; storytelling and drawing shapes with sticks promotes literacy; rich, reciprocal dialogue hones language development. It simply means that a play-based curriculum is not at the expense of children’s work, but rather it is the children’s work.

Allowing children a childhood rich with free play time lays the groundwork for a lifetime of creativity, confidence, and connection. It is difficult to suspend the traditional Western belief that more concentrated academic efforts early on is better; at Kidwings, we simply believe that the best investment, both in a child’s academic future and in their overall well-being, lies in letting them learn through play.

What Are The Locations?

Currently we rotate locations every day within San Diego Central Area. We may choose new locations throughout the year; all new locations will be within 15 miles from downtown San Diego.

Locations are subject to change without notice. Because we operate in public spaces, it is impossible to account for all of the possibilities that may require us to relocate. Grown ups will be notified of any changes via text as soon as possible and alternate locations will not exceed beyond 10 miles from the original location. While we are mindful of parking, driving distance, and ease of accessibility in choosing our locations, please be aware that by choosing a forest school, there is an inherent amount of trekking in, navigating tricky parking situations, and other general logistical challenges that are taken on in choosing such a program.

We work to coordinate with other outdoor schools and programs to minimize the number of children in one place and subsequent stress on the environment. It is our promise to always be prompt, communicative, and respectful in our planning.